The Life Cycle

Union and Separation: Our destiny is pre-ordained with an element of choice, implicated also by past and present karm.  Shortly after conception, the embryo forms.  Life begins with the five elements and the intricate body parts and organs are formed.   Then infused with the soul, the vulnerable life is nourished and protected from the harmful elements all the while the unborn meditates.  In the heat of the womb, life thrives and upside down indeed (the final position of the fetus in the last few weeks of labor and delivery).  In the womb the creation survives by meditating upon the creators name, with every breath.  Finally one is born and eventually forgets ones origin and becomes engrossed with the material world.  After leaving the womb, one interacts and attaches with the conscious world and forgets God.  Growing up is certainly not easy, especially when reincarnation and transmigration hovers just around the corner unless one partakes in naam simran (meditate upon the name of the primal lord).  Forgiveness and salvation are hence an option for all via naam simran.

Changing times present new challenges, nevertheless the basic principles of Sikhism help us through the tough times.    

The Life Cycle:  Birth, Life, Death and Beyond


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