The Life Cycle . Life begins at conception

Life begins

Union and Separation: Our destiny is pre-ordained.  Shortly after conception, the embryo forms.  Life begins with the five elements and the intricate body parts and organs are formed.   Then infused with the soul, the vulnerable life is nourished and protected from the harmful elements all the while the unborn meditates.  In the heat of the womb, life thrives and upside down indeed (the final position of the fetus in the last few weeks of labor and delivery).  In the womb the creation survives by meditating upon the creators name, with every breath.  Finally one is born and eventually forgets ones origin and becomes engrossed with the material world.  After leaving the womb, one interacts and attaches with the conscious world and forgets God.  Growing up is certainly not easy, especially when reincarnation hovers just around the corner unless one meditates upon the name of the primal lord. 

First comes the body: the process described

The structure is made from the five elements.  Page 1007

rakath bi(n)dh kar ni(n)miaa agan oudhar majhaar ||
From egg and sperm, you were conceived, and placed in the fire of the womb .
Guru Arjan, Raag Jaithsree, Page 706

rakath bi(n)dh kar ni(n)miaa chithr chalithr bachithr banaayaa||
From the blood of mother and semen of father the human body was created and the Lord accomplished this wonderful feat.

garabh ku(n)dd vich rakhiaa jeeo paae than saah suhaayaa||
This human body was kept in the well of the womb. Then life was infused in it and its grandeur was further enhanced.

moo(n)h akhee(n) thai nak ka(n)n hathh pair dha(n)dh vaal ganaayaa||
Mouth, eyes, nose, ears, hands, teeth, hair etc. were bestowed upon it.

dhish shabadh gath surath liv raagara(n)g ras paras lubhaayaa||
Man was given sight, speech, power of listening and consciousness of merging in the Word. For his ears, eyes, tongue and skin, the form, joy, smell etc. were created.

outham kul outham janam rom rom gun a(n)g sabaayaa||
By giving the best family (of human being) and birth in it, the Lord god gave shape to one and all organs.
Bhai Gurdaas Ji, Vaars Bhai Gurdaas, Page 15

Then enters the soul

maath gurubh mehi jin prathipaariaa || jeeo pi(n)dd dhae saaj suvaariaa ||
In the mothers womb, life was enshrined and cherished|| You were blessed with body and soul.
Guru Arjan, Page  1004 , Line 13

The unborn life is nourished and protected

a(n)dduj jaeruj saethuj outhubhuj buhu purukaaree paalukaa ||4||
In so many ways, He cherishes those born from eggs, from the womb, from sweat and from the earth. ||4||  Guru Arjan, Page  1084 , Line 18

prathipaal maathaa oudhar raakhai lugan dhaeth n saek ||
The all knowing, nourishes and preserves mortals within the mother, and protects one from harm.  Page  1030 , Line 7

a(n)thar gurubh ouradhh liv laagee so prubh saarae dhaath kurae ||1||
Upside-down within the womb, it lovingly dwells on the Lord; God provides for it, and gives it nourishment there. ||1||  Guru Nanak, Page  1013 , Line 16

maath gurubh mehi raakh nivaajiaa ||
He preserved and nurtured you in your mother's womb.  Guru Arjan, Page  1086 , Line 7

The unborn meditates

Within the mother's womb, upside-down, the mortal meditated on God. 
gurubh ku(n)ddul mehi ourudhh dhhiaanee || 

With each and every breath, he contemplated the True Name, deep within himself, within the womb. ||5||
saas saas such naam sumaalae a(n)thar oudhur mujhaaraa hae ||5||
Guru Nanak, Page  1026 , Line 19

jaen kalaa maath garabh prathipaala(n) neh shhaedha(n)th jat(h)ar roganeh ||
God protectes us in the mother's womb, and does not let disease strike.
Guru Arjan, Salok Sehshritee, Page 1358


oudhur su(n)jogee dhhuruthee maathaa ||
The womb of the great mother earth gives birth to all. 
Page  1021 , Line 2

Growing up

baal budhh muhi(n) dhudhh dhae mal moothar soothar vich aayaa||
During infancy, mother pours milk into the mouth and makes the baby expend it's bodily waste.

hoe siaanaa samajhiaa karathaa shhadd keethae lapattaayaa||
When grown up, the individual leaves aside the creator Lord becomes engrossed with the world around (maya).

gur poorae vin mohayaa maayaa ||aa||
Without the perfect Guru, man goes on to be engrossed into the web of maya.

Bhai Gurdaas Ji, Vaars Bhai Gurdaas, Page 15



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