The Life Cycle . Life begins at conception . Destiny

Union and Separation: Who comes and goes - is pre-ordained

One Universal Creator God.  By The Grace Of The True Guru
ik ou(n)kaar sathigur prusaadh ||

su(n)jog vijog dhhuruhu hee hooaa ||
pu(n)ch dhhaath kar puthulaa keeaa ||
saahai kai furumaaeiarrai jee dhaehee vich jeeo aae paeiaa ||1||

Union and separation are ordained by the Primal Lord God.  The structure is made from the five elements.
By the command of the supreme ruler, the soul came and entered into the body. ||1||

jithhai agan bhukhai bhurrehaarae ||
oorudhh mukh mehaa gubaarae ||
saas saas sumaalae soee outhhai khusam shhuddaae laeiaa ||2||

In that place, where the fire rages like an oven, in that darkness where the body lies face down there, one remembers the creator and master with each and every breath, and then one is rescued. ||2||

vichuhu gurubhai nikal aaeiaa ||
khusum visaar dhunee chith laaeiaa ||
aavai jaae bhuvaaeeai jonee rehun n kithehee thhaae bhaeiaa ||3||

Then, one comes out from within the womb, and forgetting ones Lord and Master, one attaches his/her consciousness to the world. He comes and goes, and wanders in reincarnation; he cannot remain anywhere. ||3||

mihuruvaan rakh laeian aapae ||
jeea ju(n)th sabh this kae thhaapae ||
junum pudhaaruthh jin chaliaa naanuk aaeiaa so puruvaan thhiaa ||4||1||31||

The most merciful one himself/herself emancipates, The one who created and established all beings and creatures.  Those who depart after having been victorious in this priceless human life - O Nanak, their coming into the world is approved. ||4||1||31||

Page 1007, Fifth Mehl. House 7

Union and Separation



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