The Life Cycle . Death & Dying

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Saskar, the death ceremony, is performed by cremating the deceased. To a Sikh, birth and death are closely associated, because they are both part of the cycle of human life, Ava Guvan, which is seen as transient stage towards Nirvana, complete unity with God.  The death ceremony may be split into two parts; Saskar, the cremation and the Antim Ardas, the final prayer at the end of the Bhog ceremony.

raam raman tharan bhai saagar ||
Remembering the Lord, I cross over the terrifying world-ocean.

saran soor faarae jam kaagar ||1|| rehaao ||
In the Sanctuary of the spiritual warrior, the account books of the Messenger of Death are torn up. ||1||Pause||

Guru Arjan Dev, Raag Gauree, Page 196







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