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Generous contribution by Harjinder Singh
This page contains an introduction to our jatha and also contains some KIRTAN/KATHA for you to listen to

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Our Kirtan Style

Kirtan is unique in Sikhi, it is a form of prayer, in fact it has been stated by the Gurus, that it is the highest form of prayer “Kaljug mehe kirtan pardhana”.  In the Gurus’ time, kirtan was performed on Tantee Saaj – Stringed instruments. The Gurbani has been composed in Raags (Musical measures), Guru Arjan Dev Sahib invented the Saranda and Guru Hargobind Sahib invented the Taoos. Guru Nanak did kirtan with Bhai Mardana, Mardana  played the Rabab. Guru Gobind Singh Ji did kirtan with the tanpura and also with the Dilrabab. Tantee Saaj and Kirtan were intrinsically linked. In the early 20th century, the Baja was introduced into the Harimandir Sahib, as time passed away, tantee saaj became virtually extinct. Our jatha is attempting to promote tantee saaj and as such we do kirtan with tantee saaj – we use the Dilrabab, the Israaj and sometimes even the rabab. By the Gurus kirpa, we are still learning from our individual ustads and have many years if not a lifetime of learning ahead of us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use Kirtan to invigorate an awareness of Sikhi into our youth. Imagine what it would have been like in the Gurus’ time, 3 dilrababs, a taoos, 3 pakhavaj style tables, an israj, a sitar, two tanpuras all doing Kirtan together. Although we will never be able to create THAT heavenly atmosphere, we use classical instruments and try to create an atmosphere that only these instruments can create. Typically, there may be two dilrababs, two israajs, a surmandal, and a tanpura on our stage during the Kirtan.

I do katha in ENGLISH, why? Because English has become the first language of our youth in the Western world. Pages of our history and philosophy are narrated to our naujawan (Youth) in a manner that they can very easily relate to. This has become very popular with many Gurudwaras and the feedback that I have received from the naujawans is VERY GOOD. I feel that this seva is absolutely VITAL to the betterment and the future of our naujawans. If you want to listen to a sample click here

We are involved with BOSS and various other organizations and Gurudwaras in the country, some call us to the Gurudwara regularly for student Kirtan darbars. We have been featured on Granada TV and are currently preparing a professional Studio recording of a series of CDs (live recordings are available on CD, read on)

We do not charge anything to Gurudwaras for this service, we only ask that the Gurudwara pay our expenses if they are outside of a 30 mile radius of Birmingham (because we normally have to hire a minibus or take two/three cars)

Want to know more? Ring us on 07956-837371

Kirtan and Katha in English

Click on the following MP3 links to listen to samples of some of the Kirtan/Katha programs that we have done. You will need some sort of MP3 player (Windows media player etc.,) to listen to these WARNING, the quality of these files has been reduced to an absolute minimum in order to make it easy for you to download them IF YOU WANT TO ORDER THESE in CD form (obviously in CD quality) then ring us on 07956-837371 (+447956-837371 Overseas)  Email me on


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