Equality . Social . Accessibility: Enabling the Disabled

Without the creator's grace and blessing, even those who have eyes and ears cannot see the truth.  We are entangled in the aesthetic web of outwardly responsibility, yet we remain ignorant to the spiritual needs of our body and our soul.   Gurbani tells us that those who are ignorant, make fun of others, and discriminate against others - they are the ones who are indeed crippled and disabled.  Read quotes from the Guru Granth Sahib on disease and disability.

Guru Gobind Singh bestowed his blessings on the handicapped and encouraged them overcome their disabilities.  He taught several of his blind disciples the art of music and made them expert at instruments, such as, Tabla, Sarand and Rabab.   Sewa (selfless volunteer efforts) opportunities are unlimited.  Take a look at the volunteer section to get started.   There are several links listed below for resources. 

Resources for the Blind:  Gurmukhi Braille and Gurmukhi Books in Braille

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Resources for the Deaf in the US

Access to Learning (also see the Education section)

Groups, mentors, organizations


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