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36% of Teens say pressure to drink and do drugs is a problem.

64% of Teens say they are worried only a little or not at all about someone bringing a gun to school.

Reader's Digest, November 2001

We are Sikhs Against

 Youth Violence


"Parents just don't understand".

It helped me tremendously to have an older brother and a sister to pave the way for me.   If you haven't anyone to talk to about issues that concern you or need help locating resources, we will be glad to loan you one of our big brothers or big sisters!    Yes, I know growing up isn't easy.   "How would you know?"  you ask.  Been there, done that and still shuffling the hand life has dealt.  

Sure, parent's didn't have to face the peer pressures of dating, parties, drinking, smoking, drugs, sex when they were growing up!   Or did they? <------a ha!  Just ask 'em.   Do the words "Kitty Party" ring a bell?   See, your parent's aren't really that different from you after all.  

Kids face an entirely different set of values, culture and peer pressures than the parents, especially immigrant parents ever did.  If your parents are immigrants (like mine !), then you consider cultural pre-disposition before getting on the "You don't know how it feels" band wagon.  

Think about the language hurdles they have to overcome (English as a Second Language).  They have to make new friends (just like you) and try to fit in and become a part of their new community (just like you).  They are under incredible financial burden to make a a new home, find new jobs, support the entire family, put all the kids through school and ensure plenty of food come dinner time and have extra mucho Pesos left over to contribute to  your weekly allowance.  Dude, You've got to cut them some slack.   Phew! 

Parents Hounding you again?

Big Brother - Big Sister


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