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In drinking ambrosial bani, the mind is satisfied, and all the pleasures come to abide within.

har pee aaghaanae a(n)mrith baanae srub sukhaa mun vut(h)ae ||
Guru Arjan, Page 80, Line 4

Don't Forget

Get eat at least 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated, exercise at least 20-30 minutes a day on most days, get plenty of sleep, avoid tobacco, alcohol, drugs and unprotected sex.  Find more information from the health Related Links.


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The Self Scoring Alcohol Check-up  Short-Form Alcohol Dependence Data Questionnaire.
The Codependency Idea: A Disease of Caring This lengthy article offers an alternative to the "codependency mentality" and tips for people in relationships with addicted individuals.

The Cognitive Therapy Pages This new addition to HabitSmart is designed to be an introduction to cognitive therapy of emotional problems. 

Tipping the Scale This exercise and accompanying documents were written to help you understand and counter ambivalence.

Push Harm Reduction: This was the first site on the WWW dedicated to providing information about Harm Reduction and associated interventions.

Jump Starting that New Years Resolution  

Memory Model of Problem Drinking: This empirically-based document offers an information-processing conceptualization of craving, urges and loss of control.

Coping With Urges: The article offers tips for "out-smarting" the various breeds of urge. 

Coping with Addiction is an excellent article that provides answers to many questions people have about drug and alcohol abuse plus some useful advice on methods of change. 

Understanding Blood Alcohol Level provides information about the consequences of a rising BAL as well as tips for maintaining a low BAL if you are drinking.

Moderation Training lists tips to help people minimize the potential for negative consequences should they choose to drink.

Smoking Reduction: An alternative to "cold turkey," many find gradually reducing their tobacco consumption to lead to more lasting success.

San Diego Needs Harm Reduction Inoculation The State of Affairs in San Diego, and a call for more involvement by psychologists.

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