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By Nicky, Courtesy of Harjinder Singh

If the word of the Guru is not enough weight in convincing you to give up alcohol, read this page and find out some interesting researched facts about the havoc that alcohol can cause. Further to that, take some preliminary advice from this page on what you can do to drop the habit............

Alcohol takes effect very quickly but takes much longer to wear off. It is easily absorbed into the blood stream and begins to affect the brain causing impairment.

Why People Drink Alcohol

People drink alcohol for a variety of reasons but they are all nonsense, alcohol does not help with anything and is certainly not good for you.

"It makes me feel good"

Alcohol sometimes makes people feel happy and relaxed but the long term effects are no good and not at all pleasant. Alcohol only has this effect for a short while and often leaves people feeling depressed and miserable later.

"I drink because it helps me get on with people"

people say that alcohol makes it easier for them to find new friends and socialise easily with others as they feel they are better company.

This is not true . People who drink often become bad company for friends. Drinking has nothing to do with having more friends, you have friends for what you are not for what you drink and you certainly don't look more attractive when drunk.

"I drink to get away from my problems"

Some people do drink to get away from problems because alcohol helps them forget things they want to forget. But problems do not go away with drink, in fact they increase and usually get worse the more you drink. Alcohol adds to your many problems as there are many negative consequences to drinking alcohol.

"Drinking alcohol is a habit"

Many people have formed a habit of drinking alcohol which is very dangerous. Alcohol is addictive , it can get hold of you making it difficult to stop. This BAD habit can be broken very easily providing you have will power.

"I drink because everyone else does"

Drinking alcohol because others do it is a bad reason for doing it but unfortunately this is the main reason why people do drink. Drinking alcohol is usually considered "grown up", "glamorous" or "attractive. This is nonsense, many of the top actors, models and athletes do not touch alcoholic drink sat all. It is time wasting and money wasting. You could be spending the money spent on alcohol on other more important things .

Social Affects of Alcohol

Not only is the health of the drinker spoiled but so are the lives of drinkers and their families too. Drinkers spend much more on alcohol than anything , depriving themselves and their family of things they really need. A drinkers studies, work and reputation may all suffer as a result of alcohol and there are many people who have lost their job's ,families and friends due to their drinking habits.

Violence and Alcohol

Alcohol makes some people want to fight and cause trouble and many crimes are drink related. The fact that a person may have been drunk when committing any such crime is no excuse in the eyes of the law..

Drinking and Driving

Almost one fifth of all road accidents are caused by drivers who have been drinking . The more alcohol consumed the greater the risk of accidents occurring. Even 1 drink affects driving ability and judgment.

Drinking and driving has many serious lasting consequences more than you may think.

Drinking and driving is dangerous and irresponsible so never mix the two but better still DON'T DRINK AT ALL.

Alcohol and Death

Drinkers often feel sick the next day after drinking heavily and there is no cure for this. Hangovers are usually caused by the building up of substances in the body as well as by the way alcohol acts on the brain , this is caused by the irritating effect which alcohol has on the stomach lining.

The body dehydrates and the drinker feels sick. The best way to deal with hangovers is to never have them in the first place. If you never drink at all than you will never have to find out how it feels to have a hangover and feel sick.

As well as this alcohol effects the body in many other harmful ways too. The drinker may feel pleasant at first but will soon be harmed very seriously. This effects all levels of society as it a serious damaging disease that is hard to control and is therefore one of the worst health problems society faces.

The more often you drink the more the mind and body becomes used to having alcohol. People who drink regularly find that they need to drink more in order to get the effect that they want. There are many warning signs of a drinking problem.

Alcohol harms certain parts of the body leading on to all the whole body on the following ways:

Liver - Alcohol passes through the blood in to the liver and is than changed into water and carbon dioxide.

This damages the liver as the liver cells are destroyed and replaced by fat. Cirrhosis a liver disease can be the result from this damage causing death.

Stomach - Alcoholic drinks cause the lining of the stomach to irritate leading to ulcers and eventually bleeding in the stomach. This can be very serious.

Brain - Doctors have now revealed that alcohol can damage the brain because alcoholic drinks affect memory and alcoholics may forget things very easily and stumble over words. Nerves may also be damaged very easily.

Quitting Drinking Alcohol

If you find it hard to stop drinking you have a drinking problem. It is like smoking as it is not at all hard to start but very difficult to give up.

Many drinkers feel they can't face life without drinking alcohol as the body becomes used to it and wants more. Alcoholics may therefore find it difficult to get back in to an ordinary life again and will often refuse to accept that they have a drinking problem. There are many ways in which you can give up drinking alcohol.

You can do it alone or with the help of others.

Start to control the amount of alcohol you drink daily - cut down a bit at a time if not altogether at once.

Make sure you have will power and the ability to control and force yourself away from alcohol.

Face the truth about your drinking habits and admit that you do have a problem and try to find out why you drink so that this can be sorted out and stopped.

Avoid alcoholic drinks by keeping away from bars, pubs and even friends who may be drinking.

Spend time doing other things like exercise or going out elsewhere to fill in the time in which you would normally be drinking.

In Any Case, Your GP will advise you professionally on giving up alcohol. There are various bodies - eg Alcoholics Anonymous who can advise and provide consultation and even help in giving up alcohol, They're listed in the yellow pages.


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