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Giving Up.

Over 11 million people have given up smoking in this country and 9 out of 10 gave up on their own without medical help. Over half of these people found it easy whether they were light or heavy smokers. This is just one example of how people have given up smoking in the past, if you smoke, then this might work for you :

Prepare Yourself

Think about when you are most likely to smoke. Try and keep yourself occupied at these times with something else and change your routines for a while.

Pick A Day

Pick a certain day for giving up when you will not be under stress and stick to that day.


Give up on your chosen day and avoid even thinking about smoking.

Stay stopped

Continue one day at time, treat yourself to other things with the money you would have used on cigarettes and see how much better and worth it, it is . Each day without a cigarette is a success.

Advantages to Giving Up.

There are obviously many advantages to giving up smoking and a few of them are listed. For example :

1. Having given up you will be free from pollution of tar, carbon monoxide and many other poisons.

2. You will smell much more fresher and feel more fitter.

3. You will be free from worry about damaging your health .

4. you will also have extra money to spend on something more worthwhile..

5. You will become more popular with a lot more people.

Disadvantages to Giving Up.


The Side Effects

After giving up such a habit, there are bound to be some side effects, they won't last long though:

Don't be ashamed to admit that you have a bad habit. Your GP is available to help you give up smoking. Giving up smoking requires an awful lot of will power and commitment, it is not easy to give up such a habit and there are people there to help you. The GP should be your first contact, he or she can put you through to bodies and groups dedicated to giving up. The first step to giving up is the mental decision that you want to give up, that is probably the hardest part !


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