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This section provides hotlines, contacts, government, legislative and legal resources for immigration, civil rights, hate crime and other related issues.

Immigration Law and Abused Immigrants

"Of particular importance to women is the impact of federal regulations that benefit those immigrant spouses who are victims of domestic violence or abuse, which often takes the form of battery or extreme mental cruelty, and are afraid to speak out about it because they fear that they will be sent back to their home country in shame by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.  Even though the Sikh faith does not condone or even allow this behavior, our conservative culture can often force these victims to think twice about acting on such abuse when it does occur.  Therefore it is important to get the word out to those who are experiencing this type of situation, that they do have rights under U.S. law."   -- Raj S. Singh

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Protecting your Rights and Freemdoms

For assistance with Civil Rights issues or Sikh Rights, following resources are at your disposal.

Sikh Organizations that can help 

Protecting the Sikh Identity and Articles of Faith

Kirpan Law US, Canada, UK


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