Anti-Violence . Legal . Public Policy & Action

This section is dedicated to empowering Sikhs to affect the political process.  

State Laws

If you are looking for the law of your own state, the public library in your community may have a set of statutes. 
If you are looking for the law of another state or if you have no access to statutes at any public or law libraries near you, then your best option is to search the Internet. Here are some websites that will link you to state laws on-line:


Power in Numbers . Register to Vote

As a U.S. Citizen, you have the power to influence, the power to elect and the right to Vote.  Your voice and your vote can ensure your government addressed issues such as Domestic Violence, Women's Health, Hate Crimes and other legislation that affects you.  Ask yourself  when you last spoke with your legislator, wrote a letter to your legislator? or Voted?


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