Anti-Violence . Hate Crimes 

Racial hatred is by far the largest determinant of hate crimes.   Sikhism teaches religious tolerance and love for all of God's creation.  

Condemn Atrocities Against Humanity

Condemn Hate Crimes against Americans by Americans 

Chicago, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2001
Bhai Mohinder Singh attended a meeting by human rights commission, down town at State of Illinois building, where he was photographed by AP news and that photo has become an icon, showed up in many papers in an article on turbans, internet, and now in Time magazine. - Rajinder Singh Mago.  

Bhai Mohinder Singh, pictured on right, signed the interfaith Initial Declaration in 1993.  

Speakers from different religions and ethnic backgrounds urged the people to be tolerant during these hard times. (AP photo / Charles Bennett)

Be Safe

Report and View Hate Crimes

Hate Crime Psyche

American Psychological Association has an excellent article about Hate crimes.



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