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Sikhs are known for their duty, loyalty, and service to God and Country.  Practicing Sikhs have served in the United States Armed forces before the ruling of 1981 which disallowed Sikhs to join due to alleged health and safety hazard of their turban and uncut hair.   New regulations adopted in July 1999  denied previously granted exemption that permitted the wearing of a turban while in uniform.

Colonel Sekhon
Colonel G.B. Singh
Ravi Singh
Hashmir Kaur Gill

Two practicing Sikh colonels in the United States Army.  

Army Reserves

Militaray Academy

Air Force

Harshmir Kaur Gill
One of the first women of East Indian descent to have been commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Air Force.  Appeal-Democrat.com

United States Congress








Sikhs in the United States Military and the Congress


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