Equality . A Woman's Identity

Contrary to popular customs of the East as well as the West, A Sikh woman is  independent of identity of her male counterpart.   At birth, each woman is given the name Kaur, meaning Prince and each man the name Singh, meaning Lion.   Men and women are to preserve their spiritual, social independence and identity from birth until death. There is no mediator or priest between an individual and God.  Each individual's relationship with God is personal and direct.

Equal Participation in Congregation

© 2001 Gurumustuk Singh, used with permission.

My dear sisters and spiritual companions, hug me close in your embrace. Let's join together, and tell stories of our All-powerful Lord. 
Guru Nanak,  Page17, line 16

Girl friends, ...Death will not knock on your door, if you listen to these teachings.  
Guru Nanak, Page 567, Line 10

Come, dear sisters let us join together.
Guru Ram Daas, Page 96, line 6

The unfathomable beloved resides in every man and woman's heart. 
Guru Ram Daas,  Page: 605 Line:6

Join with me, my sisters, and sing the songs of rejoicing the Lord of the Universe.
Guru Arjan   Page 136 line 6

As a person of God (Gurmukh), listen to the Name of the Lord, my sisters.
Guru Amar Daas,  Page 366, line 12 

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Guru Amar Daas,  Page 37, line 19 

Come and meet with me, my sister souls, and unite me with my God.
Guru Amar Daas,  Page 38, line 5 

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Rights of a Sikh Woman


The head of a every man and woman is God.  Therefore a Sikh is to submit to none but God.  Contrary to the most Asian and Western practices, a woman does not subordinate to a man. 


Sikhism encourages widow and widower remarriage of both men and women.


Husbands often engineer an “accident” (frequently the bursting of a kitchen stove) when they feel the obligatory marriage dowry (gifts from in-laws) is not enough. In India, it is estimated that more than 5,000 women are killed each year because their in-laws consider their dowries inadequate.   A tiny percentage of their murderers are brought to justice.   In India, more than 5,000 women are killed each year because their in-laws consider their dowries inadequate. UNICEF  

O my Lord, give me thy name as my wedding gift and dowry. 
Guru Ram Das, Page 78, line 18

Any other dowry offered is a valueless display of false pride and of no earthly use.  
Guru Ram Das, Page 79, line 2

Women and Dowry: The Guru's view


In Sikhism, a woman is not to be outcast or chastised during menstruation. 


Indulgence in beauty, wealth, intoxicants all material desires are only temporary and they do not bring peace to the mind or the soul.  Nor in life, nor after death.

God's court retains an account of all deeds.  Only the beauty of the Naam can save a soul.
Guru Nanak, page 109, Line 12

Wealth and beauty lasts only but a numbered days 
Guru Nanak, Page 23, Line 5

Without the name of God even beautiful and handsome people are as ugly as the hunch-backs.
Kabeer, Vaar:3 Pauree: 25


There is no room for meaningless beliefs and superstitions in a Sikh's life.

God is my protector and my only omen.
Guru Arjan, Page 1137, Line 8


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