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Women's Rights wouldn't even be an issue if social equality paralleled religious equality.  It is always surprising to hear women ask what their rights are in Sikhism as if they were created any less than a man.  We find it absolutely necessary to address the most frequently asked questions.

© 2001 Gurumustuk Singh, used with permission.


Mukhia Singh Sahib Vikram Singh Khalsa doing Gurbani at the Golden Temple
© 2001 Gurumustuk Singh, used with permission.


In Sikhism, a woman is not to be outcast or chastised during menstruation.  The natural process is not considered 'dirty', or 'unholy'. 

Equal Participation in Congregation

My dear sisters and spiritual companions, hug me close in your embrace.  Let's join together, and tell stories of our All-powerful Lord. 
Guru Nanak  Page 17, line 16

Girl friends, ...Death will not knock on your door, if you listen to these teachings.  
Guru Nanak Page 567,  Line10

Come, dear sisters let us join together.
Guru Ram Daas Page 96, line 6

The unfathomable beloved resides in every man and woman's heart. 
Guru Ram Daas  Page 605, Line 6

Join with me, my sisters, and sing the songs of rejoicing the Lord of the Universe
Guru Arjan   Page 136, line 6

As a person of God (Gurmukh), listen to the Name of the Lord, my sisters.
Guru Amar Daas  Page 366, line 12 

translation pending
Guru Amar Daas  Page 37, line 19 

Come and meet with me, my sister souls, and unite me with my God.
Guru Amar Daas  Page 38, line 5 

In recent history (1980), Krishan Kaur Khalsa was the first woman to perform kirtan, within the confines of Sri Harimandir Sahib.

















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