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Does color of a turban matter?  What is the significance of the color of a turban?

In general, any color or design is acceptable.  Most men and women tend to coordinate the color of the turban with their outfit and vice versa.  Choice of color may be just as unique as the individual.  The turban fabric can be found in almost any color's shade or hue.  For the more creative folks there are various patterns to choose from as well.  Although there are some commonly regarded color preferences for certain occasions, choice of color may vary.  There aren't any rules regarding what color or pattern can or cannot be worn. 

There a few popular favorites and some commonly practiced norms.  For example, Orange and Navy are traditional Sikh Khalsa colors also worn on days of religious observance or special commemorative events.  A shade of Pink or Red is worn on a special day such as one's wedding, engagement or to celebrate other major events.  Although many Sikh men and women choose to don a White, Off-White or a similar shade daily as part of their beliefs in keeping with the faith.  It is also a common color worn by Eastern Sikhs at events such as a funeral ceremony or any event where a bright color would not be considered appropriate.  On the other hand, Western Sikhs commonly wear White as part of their daily Sikh garb.  Black and Navy are more popular with the younger generation and also worn at more formal events such as black tie dinners and parties.  Camouflage pattern is a popular choice among the military personnel.  Patriotic patterns also add their own charm.

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You wrote...

I have often wondered what the color of the turban means.  Lately I have seen a elderly gent get on the bus wearing a gold colored turban.  This gentleman seems to get respect from all the people on the bus.  Which makes me wonder If it is the color of the turban or just that he is old and a gentleman.  Thanks for your time. I hope you can instruct me a little further.

Richard and Debbie Reeves, Alberta


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