Sikhism . Gurbani Class. A Philosophic Approach to Gurudwara activities 

Sangat:  Participating in sangat is one of the benefits of visiting the Gurudwara. When a group of people pray together, our mind gets attuned to God easily.

Kirtan:  To sincerely praise God and His creation.  This can come from a sense of amazement or ‘Wah’.

Akhand paath:  To remember God in an unbroken ‘akhand’ manner.


Hukam Naama:  This is God’s message to us.  We should try to remember it and act on it, through out the day.

Parshaad: This shows that God has given us his gift or kirpa.   It indicates that everything that we have got is a gift from God.

Langar:  This has many hidden meanings such as:

These philosophic meanings of our activities are important.  Performing these activities with this philosophic understanding can give us ever-lasting happiness.

Generous contributions of Satnam Kaur and colleagues


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