Sikhism . Religion of Hope and Cheer

Picture © 2001 Gurumustuk Singh, used with permission.

· Belief in one God for all.  
· Equality for all. 
· Opposed to all ritualism and formalism.
· Simplicity is it's virtue
· No supernaturalism or mythology on which it rests. 
· Does not believe in devils or angels or heavenly spirits.
· Does not enjoin blind faith.
· Blind obedience to an external authority is discouraged. 
· The death of the intellect can not be a condition of the life of the spirit. 
· Faith does not start with surmises or absurdities.  
· Sikhism does not consist in a certain set of beliefs or mere words. 
· Is a democratic religion. 
 The decisions of the Sangat (congregation) are regarded as resolutions having the force of law (Gurmatta).
· Though it affirms Karma, it recognizes the possibility of the modification of one's Karma with the grace of the Guru or God. 
· It does not lead to despair and defeat.

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