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Author: Singhnee, Submitted by: Tuvryan Kaur

I was holding my babe close to me and we were doing simran.. Waheguroo Waheguroo Wahegurooo waheguurooooo.. the feeling inside was just unexplainable, the feeling of holding my babe tight and singing the praises of my satgurujee, and the love that we felt..

Waheguruooo Wahegurooo. I was thinking to myself how Guru Maharaj blessed this bista ka keera with such a precious little babe, a babe from who I could learn so much from. Its just so amazing how my satkartarjeeo fashioned this little creature, and place everything in the perfect spot; little finger, little hands, little feet. While doing simran my babe looks up at me and gives me a huge smile and encourages me to hold him tight and continue doing simran...

The simran vibes totally enriches him inside and only Waheguroo jee knows what he feels.  You see babies are just so amazing, sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry for just no apparent reason (with all else being constant, ie. diaper changed, babe feed). And the times when they start talking out loud, like if they want to say something, but we can not understand them.  At those times it seems to me that they are talking to my satgurujee, because as we know that at the early stages, babies are still connected with satgurujee and they see him everywhere... Waheguroooo Wahegurooo Wahegurooooooooooooooooo.... their dhuni with satkartarjeeo lagee hoeea hai. and its only when they grow older that their connection with satguru jee slowly becomes faint and then lose it.

But in the beginning, when they were in the garab, they promised him that they will always, always, always repeat his name, and do bhagati.. but then the babes forget.  I just hope that satgurujee places the seed of name, and bani, and piaar inside my babe, so when he grows >up, he will become the pure khalsa, that my dasam pita Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee gave his life to, his body, his everything.  I feel like I still have to live up to that, and become the nirbho khalsa my satgurujee wanted, but I hope that at least the seed is their in my babe, when he gets older. That when he sees guru ke piaraaay, all he can do is serve them with his mun, tun and dhun.

My babe does not have control over anything. All he does is wait and my satgurujee always feeds him, just like how my satgurujee feeds the whole world.. Babies are amazing to learn things from they are so innocent, and they leave everything up to the creator.  The vibes of gurmantr ring inside my babe and he feels so complete, he needs not anything else.   Wahegurooo Wahegurooo Waheguroooo...

I hope when it comes time to let go of my babe; when satgurujee calls him for service, that I will let him go with chardi kaalaa.  I feel at times that I am attached to him and I forget everything else, but I hope that my satgurujee blesses strength to this moorakh.  In the same way, when it comes time to leave this earth, I want to leave, and not be attached.

The continued soothing vibes of gurmantr sooth his whole being and my babe is starting to close his eyes... Wahegurooo Waheguroo Waheguroooo Waheguroooooo.... but I know that he still wants me to do simran while he is sleeping and hold him tight.... Wahegurooo Wahegurooo waehguroooooo.....Wahegurooooooooooooooooooooooo...



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