Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This section is all too overwhelming and merits a special section of it's own.  We just have so much to talk about.  Let us submerge ourselves in various healthy issues related to "oh no -- not the S E X word!"

STD Awareness

STD Counselors
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  1. If you are 18 or sexually active, you need to have annual pap smears.  It allows for early detection of cervical cancer.  If you are sexually active, you might also want to tested for STD's such as Gonorrhea or Chlamydia.  You might also want to discuss Syphillis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV testing if you think you might be at risk or have been in contact with someone who has these diseases. 

  2. HIV infection rate in India

    Not only does this problem infiltrate the very homes and hearts of the people world wide, but many of us continue to deny the growing incidences of HIV infections among the Sikh community as a whole.  How do we protect the spiritual and physical integrity of the youth?

    A research indicates that among persons in aged 15--49 years is 0.7%.   As of mid-1998, an estimated 3.5 million persons were infected with HIV.

  3. Study in Sexuality of Medical College Students in India

    This study examines  the knowledge of medical students sex, the sources of learning about sex, and  the sexual behavior and practices of young adults.  73.0% of the students participated in the study and the mean age of first sexual intercourse was 17.5 years.

    Percentage of the students who thought their knowledge of the following topics was satisfactory
    70.4%, Sexual intercourse
    74.8%, Masturbation,
    83.5% Contraception,
    92.6% Sexually transmitted diseases 
    Common sources of knowledge about sex were
    74.5% Friends
    56.2% Pornographic films
    55.1% Books and magazines
    85.0% Favored introduction of sex education at school level
    11.8%  Sexual intercourse had been experienced 
    83.4% Viewed homosexuality as normal behavior

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