Asian and Pacific Islander women experience an increase in breast cancer rates once they become acculturated to the United States.

The National Cancer Institute

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Ok, so we know conservative women are reluctant to talk about their health.  Particularly when it concerns their private parts.   It's time for all the young women and men to approach their mothers, sisters, aunts, friends and encourage them to perform monthly self breast exams and professional exams by a doctor on a regular basis.  

Importance of a Breast Self Examination

Ninety (90%) percent of breast lumps are detected during a self-examination, however, only one-third of the women actually perform a routine breast self exam. Breast self examination should be performed monthly.  The primary components of a self breast examination are: a manual examination in the shower, a visual examination in the mirror, and manual examination when laying flat.  The ideal time for a breast self examination, for pre-menopausal women is a week after the last day of the menstrual period, as this is the time when breasts are least lumpy and tender, allowing for a comfortable exam while reducing false alarms.  Pregnant women, post-menopausal women and women with irregular periods should select a certain day and perform the Breast self examination on that day every month. More >>


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