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The Healing Power of Naam

What does the GGS say about the healing power of faithDivine name is the medicine for all ailments.  Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam (asthpadi 9/4 Sukhmani Sahib)

The Gurus haves stated that any ailment which cannot be cured by innumerable remedies, vanishes with the application of Naam.  It is fully effective for removing all mental, physical or spiritual pain and suffering.   Hearing the true bani dispels sufferings, ailments and agonies (Anand Sahib 40, page 922). 

What is Spirituality

The Healing Power of Naam

The Healing Power of Faith

Waheguru is looking out for us and our daily affairs.  We need to have faith in our provider.  What ever we seek, we get from wonderful Waheguru.  Upon reading the Benti Chaupai, I realized how powerful the thoughts and the reasoning of depending on a higher power and yeilding to the supreme being really is.  It is the comfort of knowing that Waheguru, our protector, our nurturer, our mother, our father our creator is always watching out for us, and no matter how we perceive our current situation, it is for the greater good.  Just  like a child turns to her/his parents and guardians for protection and comfort, Waheguru is our caretaker who is always there to comfort and The complete Benti Chaupi and the translation will be posted here shortly, it's totally worth the wait. 

The Magic Formula?

What is this magic formula we speak of? Is it a potion?  A spell? Nope! It's a precious gift, the gift of Naam Simran - from our beloved Guru Nanak.

The creator (God, Waheguru) speaks to us through the Guru's.   The Guru loves all Gursikhs equally well, like friends, children and siblings Guru Amar Das, Page 648 Line 5 (i).   We are all God's children. Guru Ram Das, Page 168 Line 3 (ii



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