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Research shows that poor nutrition, regular consumption of alcohol (yes, even wine everyday) can lower the quality and quantity of sperm.  In addition, smoking, marijuana, steroids lead to abnormally shaped sperm and decreased sperm production.

Infertility affects men and women equally.

Nutrition and diet?

Lifestyle Choices: Substance abuse

Drugs such as steroids, cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol can negatively impact your health in many ways, including greatly affecting your testicular function, leading to abnormally shaped sperm, decreased sperm motility and/or decreased sperm production.  Drug use can also cause birth defects.  If you avoid drugs now, you can improve your changes of conceiving in the future. | ASRMís Paper on Smoking and Infertility (Microsoft Word document)

Environmental Factors

 In addition,  may also experience decreased sperm production for this reason.


The ability to conceive decreases with aging, affecting sperm shape and motility. While there is no maximum age at which men are not capable of conceiving a child, aging does have an effect. To improve your chances of conceiving, consider your age an important factor.  ASRMís Paper on Aging and Infertility (Microsoft Word document)

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