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 Gauree Chaytee, First Mehl: 1
 gourree chaethee mehalaa 1

 Who is our mother, and who is our father? Where did we come from?
 kath kee maaee baap kath kaeraa kidhoo thhaavahu ham aaeae ||

We are formed from fire and water within the womb. For what purpose are we created? ||1||
agan bi(n)b jal bheethar nipajae kaahae ka(n)m oupaaeae ||1||

O my Master, who can know your glorious virtues?
maerae saahibaa koun jaanai gun thaerae ||

My own demerits cannot be counted. ||1||Pause||
kehae n jaanee aougan maerae ||1|| rehaao ||

I took the form of so many plants and trees, and so many animals.
kaethae rukh birakh ham cheenae kaethae pasoo oupaaeae ||

Many times I entered the families of snakes and flying birds. ||2||
kaethae naag kulee mehi aaeae kaethae pa(n)kh ouddaaeae ||2||

 I broke into the shops of the city and well-guarded palaces; stealing from them, I snuck home again.
 hatt pattan bij ma(n)dhar bha(n)nai kar choree ghar aavai ||

I looked in front of me, and I looked behind me, but where could I hide from You? ||3||
agahu dhaekhai pishhahu dhaekhai thujh thae kehaa shhapaavai ||3||

I saw the banks of sacred rivers, the nine continents, the shops and bazaars of the cities.
thatt theerathh ham nav kha(n)dd dhaekhae hatt pattan baajaaraa ||

 Taking the scale, the merchant begins to weigh his actions within his own heart. ||4||
 lai kai thakarree tholan laagaa ghatt hee mehi vanajaaraa ||4||

 As the seas and the oceans are overflowing with water, so vast are my own sins.
 jaethaa samu(n)dh saagar neer bhariaa thaethae aougan hamaarae ||

Please, shower me with Your Mercy, and take pity upon me. I am a sinking stone - please carry me across! ||5||
dhaeiaa karahu kishh mihar oupaavahu ddubadhae pathhar thaarae ||5||

 My soul is burning like fire, and the knife is cutting deep.
 jeearraa agan baraabar thapai bheethar vagai kaathee ||

Prays Nanak, recognizing the Lord's Command, I am at peace, day and night. ||6||5||17||
pranavath naanak hukam pashhaanai sukh hovai dhin raathee ||6||5||17||

Guru Nanak, Raag Gauree, Page 156


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