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Pain and Pleasure

sukh dhukh sam kar jaaneeahi sabadh bhaedh sukh hoe ||5||
Those who see pain and pleasure as one and the same find peace; they are pierced through by the Shabad. ||5||
Guru Nanak, Siree Raag, 57

naanak naam milai vaddiaaee dhukh sukh sam kar jaananiaa ||8||10||11||
O Nanak, one who obtains the Greatness of the Naam, looks upon pain and pleasure as one and the same. ||8||10||11||
Guru Amar Daas, Raag Maajh, 116

sukh dhukh dhono sam kar jaanai aour maan apamaanaa ||
One who knows that pain and pleasure are both the same, and honor and dishonor as well,
Guru Tegh Bahaadur, Raag Gauree, 218

sookh dhookh mukath jon naanak likhiou laekh ||1||
Pleasure and pain, liberation and reincarnation, O Nanak, come according to one's pre-ordained destiny. ||1||
Guru Arjan, Raag Gauree, 253

gur mil dhooo eaek sam dhharai ||
Meeting the Guru, one comes to look alike upon pleasure and pain,
Bhagat Kabeer, Raag Gauree, 344

dhukh sukh dheeaa jaehaa keeaa so nibehai jeea naalae ||
He bestows pain and pleasure, according to the deeds done; the record of these deeds stays with the soul.
Guru Nanak, Raag Vadhans, 581

harakhahu sog n mittee kabehoo vin bhaanae bharamaaeidhaa ||7||
His pleasure can never erase his pain; without accepting the Lord's Will, he wanders lost and confused. ||7||
Guru Nanak, Raag Maaroo, 1034



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