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Presidential Election Registration Deadline: Midnight October 13

New York accepts the National Mail Voter Registration Form printed from the computer, signed by the applicant and mailed in an envelope with the correct postage. You can get the form at:  Alternatively, you can also request an application by calling New York's hotline number, 1-800-FOR-VOTE. And for more information on where you can pick up forms, visit the New York Elections Division's Web site at:

Sikh Sewa eGroup (All the activities in the Tri-state area): An information resource and discussion forum for young Sikh sewadars in the Tri-State (NY, NJ & CT).  We plan events ranging from sewa activities to political rallies to poetry readings and conferences.   If you have suggestions, please submit them to the list.

Washington, DC

Safety Kit 

In DC we have a task force of about 12 people, all of us young and in college or professionals, and we are organizing a national unification of Sikh communities that is un-political, but rather more for safety and getting the message out that Sikhism is a major religion that needs to be recognized.  

These kits include safety pamphlets and information on legislation about hate crimes, lawyers they can contact if victimized, and of course information on what it means to be a victim.

Amrith K. Mago


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